L Shape Sofa v/s Regular Sofa – Which is Best For Your Home

Choosing the right sofa for your home can be a nightmare considering shortage of space, budget, need, designs and many more factors that influence it’s selection.

Today we will help you to choose which one is better for your home L shaped sofa or regular normal sofa.

Before moving forward let me clear something first. Choice of sofa can be personal but it mainly depends upon the floor plan and the interior design or theme of your home.

L Shape Sofa v/s Regular Sofa

When home owner are ready to buy sofa, one question that is confusing is whether to choose sectional sofa or regular sofa. Regular sofa is traditional and most commonly found in older home, but sectional sofa especially L shaped sofa are in fashion and trending nowadays.

There are four types of sectional sofa’s, they are as follows:

  1. Chaise Sectionals
  2. L-Shaped Sectionals
  3. U-Shaped Sectionals
  4. Pit Sectionals

The most common sectional sofa is L- Shape Sofa that are widely used nowadays.

Why L Shape Sofa is Better then Regular Sofa

L shape is space efficient

L shape sofa save space and requires comparatively less space in comparison with regular sofa. Corner in our homes are usually wasted when regular 3 + 2 Sofa is used in homes. But with L shape sofa corners can be used and center table can be placed in the center of the sofa with ease.

Regular sofa has fixed shape that is 3 seater sofa paired with two seater sofa or single cushioned chairs. But L shape sofa can be custom molded and designed as per your space and requirement.

Storage Space in Sofa

Storage is important as house are becoming smaller and smaller. To get extra storage in any form is always welcome. L shape sofa has extra storage option beneath the seating to house unnecessary stuff in it.

If cushions, throws or quilt are not in use then it can be kept inside your sofa to create a clutter free living room interior. L shape sofa are generally more spacious and also provide ample of storage options in any living room.


When it comes to comfort-ability and usability the clear winner is L shaped sofa. Comfort and relaxing sofa is what you need when you choose any sofa. L shape sofa gives ample space for 5 to six people to sit and relax comfortably. If feeling sleepy then L shape sofa can be a cosy place to sleep compared to small regular 3 seater sofa.

Thus when it comes to comfort, relaxing and cosiness then nothing can match the comfort of L shape sofa.


L shaped sofa can be expensive in comparison with a regular 3 seater sofa. But when it comes to buying an entire living room furniture set which includes regular sofa, one 2 seater sofa and one or two wing chairs, then L shape sofa is whole lot cheaper and affordable.

L shaped sofa is cheaper and inexpensive when one need to buy 3 seater sofa and a 2 seater sofa separately. L shape sofa is a combination of 3 seater sofa and a daybed combined together, thus becoming cheaper and inexpensive.


Aesthetics and beauty of living room is one of the main factor for designing any interior of home. L shape sofa looks aesthetically pleasing in modern home interior.

More and more home owner are choosing L shape sofa over regular sofa because of it’s aesthetics and modern stylish look. If you are using old furniture and want to go for modern home interior then these trending L shape sofa are perfect match for your home.

L shape sofa v/s Sofa – What you should choose

Choosing one of the sofa is difficult as both serves different functions. for instance let us consider a condition where living room is small. In such condition one can choose l shape sofa or regular sofa depending upon need and requirements.

3 seater sofa can be best option for small living room, if one need to partition it for dining area. In a small living room, it is difficult to create a separate dining area.

But a regular sofa can become a beautiful room divider for your home. Thus having a well defined area for dining and lounging.

Sectional L shape sofa is best for small living room if you want comfortable and spacious living room. L shape sofa as you know utilises corners of room very efficiently. It is more casual and comfortable compared to regular sofa.

Although L shape sofa does not create distinct space for living room and dining area. But still these sofa provide a separate but more comfortable feeling.


Both the sofa has different functions and fulfill certain needs. Before choosing one you should know purpose of your sofa. Weight the limitation and advantage of both of the sofa and then choose the perfect one.

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