How do I choose a living room furniture?

You can choose a living room furniture based on your requirements, the style of furniture you want to add in a living room and various other important factors, such as: – Identify the focal point of the living room Choose the living room furniture that create conversation areas. Take care about the traffic flow in … Read more

Where should I put my sofa in the living room?

According to Vastu Shastra, it is best to choose the south-west direction, ie the southwest corner, to keep the sofa set in the drawing-room or any other decorative furniture. The furniture should be kept adjacent to the south-west wall. Auspicious results of auspicious results are obtained from it. Where is the best place to put a … Read more

Living room wall decor ideas

Living room wall decor designs

Walls in the living room interior are often left as it is thus making them boring and ugly. But living room interior with beautiful wall decoration ideas is a great way to boost one’s interior and glamour quotient. Accent walls are an amazing way to create a stunning home interior with beautiful designs. Simply decorating … Read more

Room partition and dividers – Privacy and comfort

Room partition and dividers

When thinking about privacy and a separate temporary space the first thing that comes to mind is definitely room dividers. A room divider can divide a room into two or more spaces that you can use for different purposes like the dining room and kitchen. If you want privacy for reading or for watching Netflix … Read more

Trending Living room designs 2020

Modern Luxury Living room decorating ideas

Modern living room interior designs and ideas that are awesome and amazing are shown in this post. Living room is often the first room that welcomes guest coming to your home. Thus living room should make your guest feel comfortable and relaxed. Modern Living room decoration designs Modern living room decoration and designs can be … Read more

Drawing room design ideas 2020

Modern Luxury Living room decorating ideas

Modern and latest drawing room design ideas are shared in this post for inspiration and ideas purpose of our readers. After watching all these designs of drawing room you will find answers to most of your interior related doubts. Best and trending drawing room interior designs that are designed by the world’s best interior designers … Read more

Living room wall decor design ideas

Living room wall decor

Creativity can make wonders with your home interior decoration. Living room wall decor design can change the look of your living room. Starring at blank wall keep your awesome interior decoration dull and boring. In modern homes, wall shall speak about its beauty and style. Watch each wall decor designs carefully and take inspiration from … Read more

Modern Luxury Living room decorating ideas

Modern Luxury Living room decorating ideas

Fresh and rejuvenating modern luxury living room decorating ideas are shared in this post. Living room interior should be inspiring and stunning so that it catches the attention of everyone. Guests and friends are welcomed in a living room or drawing-room. Drawing room is the busiest and contains most traffic in any house. Thus living … Read more

Window Curtains design ideas 2020

Window Curtains design ideas

Window curtain is often the most neglected part of any interior decoration project. But modern window curtains design can transform the look of your house. Window curtain work as the finishing touch of your interior decoration. In this post, you will find some of the amazing windows Window curtain like sheer curtains can save you … Read more